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Sometimes i receibe private coments (allways in person, i haven't face almost any of these things in the internet) like "why did you do this?", "I don't like that", "You should stop that"... that I don't understand. There are some examples that where the most common ones:

Person: "do you draw porn too??? TO BAD! You lost me!... I believe you was a clean artist only... disrespect for you"
Me: "Well.. I can draw lots of things, and porn is one of those"
Person: "But that's the easy way... you're being lazy and a sold out artist, you should draw what you want to draw"
Me: "Have you considered I take commissions because I LIKE drawing what other peoples want? have you considered this is my job, and part important of it is drawing what other people need me to draw? have you considered I that maybe I don't have any problem iwth drawing porn?

-People, if you don't have any problem drawing porn or just want to draw porn... well.. Draw porn! there is nothing wrong on that as long as you don't hurt other people, or use the identity of real people or other fursonas without permission of their authors. There is nothing wrong with porn, I know lots of people don't like porn on furry things cause it may affect the iamge of the fandom, but sadly it's not about the porn, but about the people who think porn is bad... I didn't even liked to watch porn till i realised the artistic part of it (age 22), nowdays if i see porn I do it more searching for references than any other thing (as lots of artist do), and there is nothing wrong with that nor with seing porn to relief oneself... SO i don't tottally understand the whole "I don't like you, because you draw porn" (even if i likes your style, and all your other pieces, even if you drew them because someone else asked for it, even if you don't get turned on by that, even if it was just 1 porn piece for every 40 non porn pieces in your gallery), common! whats wrong with these people? I know they don't wanna hurt nobody, but it's like theydon't realise they're pushing what they like (or don't like) into everyone else.. and that's not okey.

Person: "Almost everything you draw is furry things, why don't you draw other things?"
Me: "most of my clients ask for furry art... I like drawing furry art... most of my drawings are commissions for furry people... it have sence doesn't it? if most of my clients where fans of medieval fantasy and liked more human art than furry art, I would have my gallery full with that.. since I love medieval fantasy art too."
Person:: mmhhh... it has sence.

Somepeople just can't solve a "2+2" problem without help. Or at least that's how it looks at first sight. But is not that they're stupid or something, they just don't see the whole picture... Ilustration is my job, not just a hobbie... I draw what my clients ask me to draw... is not that dificult. That doens't means even that I'll draw everything other people ask for (I have a list of things I won't draw, cause I don't like those things myself, like "rape art", where a victim who doesn't asked for it (non consenting at all) got violented and/or assaulted in a sexual way)... I don't like rape art, I like consensual things (I'm okey with bdsm, spanks and even gore in sex, as long as everything is consensual), I know it's a little weird I don't like draw those things but I could easily draw a guy stabing another with a sword in a non consesual way ()

3-(this one was strange)
Person:"I don't like diapers nor babies, man... I'm not into that"
Me: "It's okey"
Person: "it is? you have drawn a lot of those things"
Me: "yes"
Person: "I don't like it... I'm not into that"
Me: "It's okey man... everyone have their tastes. I draw a lot f things. some of those pieces were made because a client asked for it and payed me for drawing it (yes, I had to clarify sometimes what mean "drawing for clients") and other ones were made because I wanted, I like those things, it's a cute topic to draw"
Person (confused): "sooo... are we cool?"
Me: "Shouldn't we?"
Person: "You're cool, man"

This friend of mine was confused for some reason, he was thinking i was going to infriend him or start an argument about why his dislikes are not okey or something like that... People can like or don't like whatever they want as long as don't harm other people with their actions. My friends, my watchers, my clients, even myself are not obligated to love every single theme or piece I (or any other artist/designer/illustrator) draw. that's insane. if you don't like X type of art but that type of art is not harming people, just ignore it, This friend of mine acted like if i where going to be mad at him for that... maybe I would be mad at me if he was in my place, or maybe he had knew other artists or people who get mad for that kind of comments. Likes and Dislikes are just that, a matter of subjetive (personal) tastes.

What do you guys/gals/gels/spagettiMonsters thinks of thiese kind of comments about my or your drawings or likes... have you experienced this? what do you think of these people? how have you handle these kind of situations? have you been in the other side? (the side of the one telling the other about not liking something?)

I'll like to hear your toughts... 
ALSO... I'll like to ask you is there any things you like most and least about my drawing themes? any favorite or less favorite?

Do you consider it a good reason to unfriend someone or unwatch an artist just because he/she/they/it/Spagetti drawn something diferent to his tastes?

In other non related news... COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN
1º: HQ FullComposition for Scourge Foxtail (from FA) Paid / In Process 
2º: HQ Composition Lineart Sketch for :iconami-doll: Paid / In Queue

If you're interested in seing some of my works you can visit my gallery 

(almost) Anything you ask, I can surelly draw it. Feel free to ask (even fetishes, fullcompositions, action scenes, cute or horror themed pieces, humans, monsters, porn, weapons, armors and props, refsheets, logos, banners, icons, photo overpaintings... just ask).
My style is semirealistic, everypiece I make is fullshadded and colored
(i can make exceptions but, you have to ask for it. I'm a er too, so I'm able to work with abtract logos, isometric style, semi toony pieces, sketches, speedpaint gritty style, etc... ^^).

Some prices...
25$-35$ for portraits

40$-60$ for fullbodies.

fullcompositions or pieces with 2 or more characters starting at 70$…

More "base" prices at: 

thanks so much to everyone who follows my work, the ones who ask for comissions, the ones that share my work with credits (in facebook, tumblr, forums or similar pages.), the ones that comment on my journals, pages and pieces, the ones that fav and watch here and in all my other galleries. You all are the reason I'm mamange to reach this far, and to grow every day bigger as an illustrator and as a professional, not onlyin the fandom, but in diferent areas of the field. Thanks to the ones that send notes or messages filled with good vibe and kindness. Working with you all, is one of the things i most enjoy, is an honor everytime a client ask me to draw their character or idea in my style, and that's why I put the best of me in everypiece is make. I'll do the best to continue this way for many many many years. So, besides if you help me here or not, you've already helped me doing all those things I mentioned in one way or another. so... Thanks. Thanks so much.

Also... when I say thanks.. is not to everyone as a group, but as every single one of you. I've visited at least one time the profile of every single watcher i have. I've even visited the galleries, journals and favorites or some of you. Cause I like to know who is following me, who is commissioning me. We are all people, not numbers, not money, not empty faces, or part of the internet, not part of a background... and that's why I enjoy this that much. 

Thanks for everything so far. I am on wheels again. My hand is hungry of drawing and my heart is filled with determination!!!
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  • Reading: The lines engraved in my heart
  • Watching: The Future with my head held high
  • Playing: The beautifull game of Life
  • Eating: Fried Egg Sandwich.
  • Drinking: Milk


sannamy's Profile Picture
Emiliano Sanna
Artist | Professional | Varied
- Graphic Designer (logos, paperwork, advertising, interfaces... you know).
- Professional Self-taught Illustrator.
- Experienced D&D's Dungeon Master .
- Mugen Editor (years of maing sprites and mugen coding).
- proactive, hardworker, cool, long haired, Leo (XD), friky...
- Why I'm here? well, I came to see good art, to store my own pieces, to make friends and contacts, for learn and teach, and ¿why not? make jokes and give feedback. The people of DA, is usally nice, and helpfull. Here are a lot of good artist and I think that the best way for evolve is being between geat artists, learning, seing and challenging me every day.
-I'm that kind of people who make something and the other people says "that's beautifull" (^^) and I answer "nahh! it stinks".

Current Residence: Cordoba, Argentina
Print preference: Pencils, markers and Digital (PS)
Favourite style of art: My own style (an hybrid of fantastic semirealism, manga and American Comic).
Operating System: WinXp Colossus Ed 2
Personal Quote: "Play as the child that you went, with the wisdom of the adult that you became"

My FA Page:…
My Portfolio:


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Thanks for the fav. Can't wait til you see my writings
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Felix-The-Lupus Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Student General Artist
You have some of the best artwork I've ever seen, keep up the really rad work :D
sannamy Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks so much, Joshua.
I really apreciate your comment. You're very nice. ^^
Felix-The-Lupus Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Student General Artist
Question, I'm interested in asking for a comm, how would paying and comm info work
sannamy Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
It all depends on what you ask. You can read my base prices in the journal featured in my gallery.
I usually let the client decide how much they want to invest on their piece (any amount between a min and a max price I set, depending on the specifications of your piece).
The full Payment is made via Paypal in USD, and need to be send before adding you to the commission list (I only acept split payments, when the selected price is higher than 100$)

For example, If you ask for a simplefullbody without background the price would be between 40$ and 70$ (you choose how much) (the final piece will be a semirealistic fullcolor digital painting with full shadding, even in the lowest amount, however, higher amount will allow me to add more details, refining and adding props, adding or detailing the background, adding textures, ambiental ilumination and reflections...etc)

If you have any other question or want to know the specific price range for your desired piece/commission, I'll gladly answer you via notes. You can be sure I'll do my best to make an awesome piece for you. ^^
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Felix-The-Lupus Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Student General Artist
Your welcome
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